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MISCP PT MPA MSc-Sports CLT, Founder

Siobhan O'Reilly Bracken

Siobhan O'Reilly Bracken, MISCP PT MPA MSc-Sports CLT, Founder, has over 30 years of clinical experience in North America and in Ireland. She has been designing and teaching undergraduates and postgraduates in breast cancer-related issues since 2006.

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    Siobhan O’ Reilly Bracken MISCP MPA MSc-Sports CLT has over 30 years of experience in physical rehabilitation.

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    Siobhan founded The O’ Reilly Centre for Lymphedema, Cancer Rehab and Sports in 2006. She graduated from University College Dublin in 1982 with a Diploma in Physiotherapy, in 1998 from New York University’s Wagner School of Public Administration and in 2011 from University College Dublin with a MSc in Sports Physiotherapy. Siobhan is a Certified Pink Ribbon Program Instructor and A Certified Lymphedema Therapist.



PT, MSc, FAAOMPT, CLT Founder and Program Director TurningPoint Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Atlanta, Georgia

Jill Binkley

“Siobhan O’Reilly Bracken is a leading expert in the field of breast cancer rehabilitation and lymphedema. She has extensive patient care experience in the evaluation and management of the side effects of breast cancer treatment. She is a respected educator in our field with an approach to patient care and teaching that is evidence-based. Siobhan is passionate about serving the often unmet physical and emotional needs of breast cancer survivors in Ireland and globally. I am thrilled about the launch of Siobhan’s online education system for physiotherapists interested in breast cancer rehabilitation, through this many more patients who need this specialized care will be served!”

PhD, MSc, BSc Associate Professor University College Dublin (UCD) School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science Director, MSc Advanced Physiotherapy Studies programme Belfield Campus, Dublin

Brona Fullen

“For more than 10 years chartered physiotherapist Siobhan O'Reilly Bracken has contributed to the University College Dublin (UCD) Physiotherapy curriculum on her specialist area of breast cancer related lymphoedema and manual lymphatic drainage. Siobhan is a natural lecturer with feedback on her lectures and practical classes consistently excellent. Students gain a comprehensive understanding of the pathology and holistic evidence-based practical management approach.”